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people are burning the candle at both ends. Our goal is to help you achieve balance in your life between what you want to do and what you need to do.

Let us handle your "to-do list" so that you can focus on the important things in your life . . . family, friends, work and pleasure.
You can trust in us to handle your needs in a confidential, efficient, and timely manner. We look forward to helping you find the free time you deserve.

Service area now includes most of Williamson County and portions of Davidson County.




Hours of Operation


  • Business office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday

  • Services may be negotiated beyond normal business hours



  • Drop off or pick up dry cleaning

  • Take pet(s) to vet, groomers, or kennel

  • Take car in for emissions testing, mechanical service and maintenance, or for wash and detailing

  • Take items to post office or courier service for mailing

Shopping Services


  • Gift shopping

  • Gift wrapping

  • Returns and exchanges

  • Ordering flowers for delivery

Vacation Services


  • Home safety check, including turning lights on and off

  • Watering of lawn or house plants

  • Bring in mail and newspaper

  • Taking trash to curb for pick-up

Other Services


  • Meet vendors at your home for services, installations, or deliveries

  • Let out and feed pets

  • Pet walking

  • Airport Transportation

  • Bill paying

  • Assist with houseguest needs

  • Address and mail greeting cards or invitations

  • Create and update Excel spreadsheets or Word documents

  • Relocation assistance services

  • Reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, and appointments

Services for those aged 65 + Better


  • Peace of mind visits

  • Assist with basic household needs

  • Assist with mail sorting and/or bill paying

  • Grocery shopping, with home delivery and re-stocking supplies

  • Pick items up from drug store

  • Driving to doctor's appointments

  • Drive to hair salon, barber appointments, or social events. Conditions




    • My Concierge reserves the right to make all final decisions on services and related costs, considering the customers interest

    • My Concierge reserves the right to refuse any business it feels is unsafe and/or unsuitable for its employees

    • My Concierge is Licensed and Insured


If you don't see it listed, just ask. We will try to accommodate you whenever possible.


A la Carte Pricing

Most services are charged at $30 per hour, plus any actual costs. Any time over one hour is charged in 15-minute intervals. More than one task may be combined into an hour. There is a minimum one-hour charge for services except as noted below:


  • Pet visits are charged at $12 per incident. Pet walking is charged at the hourly rate.

  • Vacation service charges are negotiable, depending on the length of service.

  • Reminders are charged at $1 per incident.

  • Special pricing for Grocery Shopping.  Contact us for details.

  • Seniors 65+ Better always receive a 10% discount on a la carte pricing.

Membership Packages

Basic Package:

$110 per month (Save $11)
Includes up to 4 hours of Services, plus 1 free reminder. Any time over the initial 4 hours will be charged at the a la carte rate. No unused hours may be carried over.

Plus Package:

$220 per month (Save $22)
Includes up to 8 hours of Service, plus up to 2 free reminders. Any time over the initial 8 hours will be charged at the a la carte rate. A limit of 1 hour may be carried over to the next month and must be used within that month.

Premium Package:

$420 per month (Save $34)
Includes up to 15 hours of Service, plus up to 4 free reminders. Any time over the initial 15 hours will be charged at the a la carte rate. A limit of 2 hours may be carried over to the next month and must be used within that month.

65+ Better:

Custom packages may be designed to meet specific needs.





  • All monthly membership packages will be billed on the first of each month, along with any overages and actual costs from the prior month, and shall be due no later than the tenth of the month.

  • A la Carte services will be billed upon completion and are due within 10 days. Payments are to be made in the form of personal checks, cash, or may be paid by credit card via PayPal.




"I would highly recommend My Concierge. The work staff is talented, energetic and competent. They were able to assist me in many diverse areas, including bill paying and record keeping, preparing paperwork for my tax accountant, gardening, shopping, mailing packages, home and office organization, and pet care. I was able to accomplish many things with their assistance."

Stephanie Mouton, MD
Nashville, TN

"Thanks for being available whenever we've gone out of town. Although feeding our dogs may not seem like a 'big deal' it sure is a big deal to us! It allows our dogs to stay at home in their environment when we're away! It's also nice to find our newspapers and mail all in on the kitchen counter as well. Now that we've found you, we hope to never have to board the dogs at a vet again! Thanks so much for being a life...and money...saver for us!"

Carrie and Mark Wingert
McKay's Mill Residents
Franklin, TN

"My Concierge has been an exceptional source for getting me around town when I'm visiting Nashville and Franklin on business. They are more flexible than a shuttle service and always dependable."

Bill Toebbe
Cincinnati, OH


My Concierge is committed to the privacy of our clients. Personal information will only be collected with your consent and will not be shared with any third party. They will only use confidential client information or data collected for internal purposes, including improving client services or extending special offers to their clients. My Concierge does not sell or divulge the names of its clients to mailing lists or other corporations.


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email - info@techs-inc.com

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