Communication a voip platform is a multipurpose interactive system of next generation based on the open SIP protocol and combines the best telephone and IP-net characteristics. It also gives an opportunity to use big variety of connection services and data transforming formats most satisfying for individual needs of our customers.

System concept was designed with the use of the most progressive information technology and the latest achievements in telecommunication. This provides our clients with the service features which exceeds other similar services and products in variability of function and use.

Our users also get permanent PIN which works as any traditional calling card but at the same time provides greater variety of telecommunication functions.

In addition our customers get free and confidential calls within our net, low tariff rates for long distance and international connection, variety of subscriber communication services and complex telecommunication solutions which minimize expenses and guarantee effective exchange of voice and multimedia information.

We provide calling cards, home service and direct numbers are some of the services, we provide international numbers for you in any country for your personal or business use and your caller pay local rates to call you.

All of our services are suitable for personal and corporative users. Corporative companies get an opportunity to connect all their employees, offices, and branches into one organize convenient connection.